Mitsubishi Pajero Sport SUV Suspension Modification


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Dress the car by replacing the rims with a diameter greater is nothing special. Only, be unusual if the maximum diameter is selected. Well, ketidaklaiman Agus Budiono itulha performed using the rim from the United States, Limited, diameter 26 inches and width of 10.5 front and back.

Owner Pajero Sport is to understand exactly the level of difficulty faced when deciding to use a large rim diameter. Some modifications must be done so that the circumference of these wheels can be fitted with a good and safe to use.

Plant innate inner fenders are made of plastic replaced. Plates which are adjusted to take part in it is not stuck. After that layer using a plastic fender replaced with a measure that has been adjusted to keep the inside clean.

Another obstacle emerged when rims and tires worth Rp80 million would be installed. When the wheel rotated, Kumho tires touch the water wiper motor spray. As a result, these devices must be modified.

"Installation of air suspension (air suspension) was no less complex than the mounting rim," said the young man from Solo. Fitting Workshop entrusted to Catalunya and directly monitored by the youth is 29 years.

To get the most when the car is switched to the lowest position, the holder per transferred to the bottom of the starting position. Similarly, the position of shock absorber (shock absorber) Koni - originally for the Honda Genio - separated from the balloon air suspension. The process of displacement and shock absorbers per holder takes 4 days for all work properly as the car drove.

Replace Lamp
"The body of the car also modified to make it look different and better," said businessman Budi Agung Motor showroom this. Some of the accessories attached to the exterior front and rear plus a sticker on the side. Information exchanged with HID for headlights and fog lights (fog lamp) and the lightbar on the roof of Landun.

The interior is replaced is upholstery material, is now using a skin. For entertainment, the new installed an LCD monitor with DVD player in the ceiling, the front row near the mirror center.

To prevent a decline in performance during acceleration, accompanied by a piggy back ECU that can boost energy dklaim 30%.

"If not in the power-up grade, when the convoy could be so I left with the others. Because the weight of the vehicle increases because the rim is replaced and the air suspension components along the tube and the bike," lid Agus.